3 Types of Procrastinators


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There are many ways to avoid success in life. Procrastination is the most sure one. Find out what type of procrastinator are you and how to deal with a habit of putting things off.
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  1. stuntmanquad says:

    @TheRealSlaveZero me too but it was better before ;)

  2. TheRealSlaveZero says:

    Hmmm… i have all 3, but the genius type was more like me before. Now I’m an avoider :/

  3. Optimus6128 says:

    But aren’t these three types similar? We avoid the task till the very last time (genius), because we want to avoid (the avoider) dis-pleasure and are addicted to pleasure (relaxed type). No wonder we feel we share both three types, they are interconnected to each other.

    Oh, I procrastinated by watching this video :)

  4. Hurmain24 says:

    sometimes the temperature counts too.. because if the room you want to complete the task in has a cold temperature , you might feel lazy and cozy which causes u to sleep. this happens to me when i do my homework! its annoying.

  5. bullets2black says:

    Really good video, How many of you found it while procrastinating? :P
    Me xD

  6. xChuu2u2 says:

    yup yup i have all 3

  7. kherse14 says:

    i just notice that these two guys below me have also the 3types of procrastination …maybe when you have them all its a sign to seek for help ! and here we are …hope this will work on us ….

  8. freedolfa says:

    also i :D

  9. cosytoesUK says:

    Hey, I’ve got all three types!

    Great series of videos by the way. Some of the very best around.

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